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BrownKawa Farmstead

What is BrownKawa Farmstead? / 

Kimi (me) and Chip are two recent retirees from the upper midwest who relocated to a mesa in northwest New Mexico,.  Settled inhabitants 800 or so years ago left pot shards and stone tools that we occasionally come across.  Since then this land has been used mainly as range, hunting, and forage land, originally open to anyone and then in the last century as part of a larger private ranch. Area horses and maybe occasionally cattle do still sometimes wander through, along with frequent piñon jays, jackrabbits and coyotes.  

We are stewards of 140 acres on the south and southwest faces of the mesa, and the southern tip of the top (bordering a section of federal BLM land to the north).  It is piñon/juniper woodland crisscrossed by usually dry arroyos.

We aim to nurture and preserve this land, to work toward greater self-sufficiency (off-grid subsistence gathering and farming), to connect with our new community, and to enjoy our active retirement in this soul-soothing space!

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