Frequently Asked Questions

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What areas do you service?

Click here to see all serviced areas.

What are your hours?

Office Hours Mon-Fri: 8am-5pm Drop Site Hours Mon-Thursday: 8am-4pm Friday: 8am-3:30pm *Saturday: 8am - 12pm *Saturday hours are seasonal - Not available November - April Opens May 1st, 2021

What size dumpsters do you offer?

Our containers/dumpsters are easy to load with easy access. We will provide a container that fits your specific job. 10 cubic yard container/dumpster fits in a single car stall parking space. 20 cubic yard container/dumpster fits in a single car stall parking space. 30 cubic yard container/dumpster is the largest container available. Contact us if you have questions or concerns when deciding on what size container is perfect for your job.

How much is one cubic yard?

One cubic yard is 27 square feet or measures 3ft x 3ft x 3ft. It is about the size of a kitchen stove.

How much can a 10 yard dumpster hold?

A 10 yard dumpster can hold approximately (5) regular sized couches. Or 30 square or less of shingles.

What protection do we put on the driveway to prevent damage from the dumpster?

We call them "skids" and they are specially sized wood planks that we always place on concrete, asphalt and other porous surfaces to prevent damage.

What is the width of a dumpster?

Generally, they are 8ft wide or about the size of a car parking space.

What materials are not accepted at our drop site?

Batteries of any kind Compressed gas Fluorescent Light Bulbs Fuels Tanks – of any kind Oil - of any kind Gas Cans Computer Monitors Automotive Chemicals - of any kind Anything Corrosive Portable Computers/Electronics Major Appliances – of any kind Yard Waste Wood Preservatives Weed Spray/Chemicals Non-Portable Computers Photographic Hobby Chemicals Paint /Thinners/Solvents Pesticides Explosives Cleaning Solvents

Which items will add an additional charge to a dumpster load?

Refrigerators Dehumidifiers/Softeners Furnaces/Water Heaters Commercial Appliances Copy Machines Washers, Dryers, Microwaves, Water Heaters, Air Conditioners etc. Dehumidifiers/Softeners Car & Truck Tires Bulky or Stuffed Furniture Major Appliances/Electronics/TVs Computer Components/Monitors Mattresses or Box Springs Small Engines (Fluids Drained) Snow Blowers or Lawn Mowers Large Batteries & Car Batteries Snow Blowers/Mowers Dirt/Asphalt/Concrete Items accepted at Alpha's Drop Site: Bulky or Stuffed Furniture Mattresses or Box Springs Construction/Remodeling Debris Household Waste

What if I need the dumpster emptied and returned?

We can pickup the dumpster, empty it and send it back to the location. It is considered a new rental.

What can I put in mixed household waste dumpster loads?

General household trash Books Cloth Items Nicknacks Kitchenware Tables Unstuffed chairs Doors/Windows Carpet/Pad Toys Wood Cardboard Construction/remodeling debris

What can I put in construction/remodeling dumpster loads?

Plumbing/Electrical Fixtures/Wiring Cabinets Flooring Sheetrock Wood/lumber Metals Doors/Windows Ceramic/Tile/Tubs Bricks Shingles Siding Insulation Cardboard Light Fixtures Carpet & Carpet Pad Concrete (Limited Quantities)

Do you take yard waste?

Yard waste is not allowed unless the load is specifically for yard waste only. We do not accept yard waste at our drop site either.

What forms must be completed prior to dumpster delivery?

Please download, review and sign the claim waiver and waste disclosure form prior to your dumpster delivery. You can download the PDF forms here.

What can I bring to Alpha's Self Haul Drop Site for a fee?

Construction/Remodeling: Plumbing Electrical Fixtures/Wiring Cabinets Flooring Sheetrock Wood Metals Doors/Windows Ceramic/Tile Tubs Bricks *Shingles (Limited Quantities) Siding Insulation Carpet *Concrete (Limited Quantities) Household: General household trash Books Cloth Items Nicknacks Kitchenware Tables Unstuffed chairs Doors/Windows Carpet/Pad Toys Wood Cardboard *Mattresses/boxsprings *Sofas/Loveseats *Stuffed arm chairs **Additional charge may apply

Do I need to make an appointment at Alpha's Drop Site?

No, you just need to arrive some time between our regular hours of operation. When you arrive, stop at the stop sign and the attendant will greet you. You can pay with card or cash. From there, the attendant will show you where to unload on site. You will need to unload yourself.

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