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We are choosing to be vulnerable in publicly exposing our stumbling through a new venture, but we also carefully choose what to share in this public space.  We are well familiar with internet pitfalls, having been on the internet for almost 40 years. We are eager to hear different takes on things, and we understand that 10 people trying to reach a particular goal will take 20 different routes to get there.  We are aiming to do our best but know that there's always room to do better!  


Everyone is ignorant; we embrace ignorance as an opportunity to learn!

We appreciate hearing any questions or concerns you might have.  If you know us, please don't reveal more personal information than we have shared on the site.  :)

No one is perfect; we appreciate any baby steps in a positive direction.

We're happy to delete anything that we think ought to be deleted. If we get obvious spam (like comments asking our audience to click on a link about football) we will invoice you for $1,000,000 per unsolicited advertisement.

Please enjoy

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